Australia’s Wild Wildlife and Where to find it

Posted on June 4th, 2017 by Dave in categoty Australasia

The island nation of Australia has risen to fame on the internet after pictures of several deadly and poisonous (often super-sized) animals were shared on the internet. While it is true that it is filled with many dangerous and venomous animals, Australian wildlife has more to offer to the tourists. As it remains separated from the rest of the world, some animals found here are more unique.

Here are some places where you will find the Australian animals and have a remarkable and memorable encounter with them.

The Great Barrier Reef

You can’t talk about Australia without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef. The large coral reef presents the most colorful and vibrant underwater colonies to the visitors. It is a great place for diving and finding the hidden marine life of the island. If you don’t want to dive, you can enjoy a boat trip to this region. Several scattered islands carry a small piece of the reef within their bounds and each one presents a unique form of life. You will see many small and large colorful fish here. Box jellyfish, sharks, stonefish and sea snakes are found here. If you are near the estuaries, stay aware of the crocodiles as well. All these could be very threatening.

Kangaroo Island

This place was inhabited by aborigines for thousands of years but was cut off from the mainland and remained uninhabited by humans for at least 2,000 years. Then settlers started moving in and it became a campsite for several sealers and whalers. The Kangaroo island is located a few miles away from the mainland is a perfect treat for those who want to watch Australian fauna in their natural habitat. You will find kangaroos here in plenty.

There are koalas and wallabies as well. The most interesting thing about the island is the presence of penguins. Echidnas are also very common here but you will have a hard time finding them. Platypus, fur seals and sea lions- all animals that you associate with Australia can be seen here.

Kakadu National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park is the home to Jim Jim Falls, the most mesmerizing waterfall in the country. You will even find some precious aboriginal rock art sites here. However, it is the fauna of the region that will excite you the most. A total of 68 mammals, 26 frogs, 120 reptiles, 300 fish and 10,000 species of insects live here. Not only this, 290 bird species can also be found here, some of them even endangered.

You will find estuarine crocodiles living on the banks of the rivers in this region. These crocodiles enjoy the confluence of saltwater and freshwater in the estuaries and can be seen relaxing near the rivers during the day. You will also find the Jesus bird Jabiru here along with herons, yellow water billabong and ospreys.

You will also see feral horses, water buffalos, wallabies etc. in this park.

Which places in Australia do you like the most for wildlife watching? Let us know in the comments below.

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