North Japan Travel Destinations That No One Will Tell You About

Posted on September 18th, 2017 by Dave in categoty Asia

If there is one place on Earth that will continue to mesmerize you every day of the week, it is Japan. Most tourists who visit this beautiful nation stick to traditional options like Tokyo, Kyoto and some places of Honshu and Hokkaidu. However, there are many more places that people don’t discuss about on travel blogs.

Dewa San-zan

The three holy mountains of Yamagata are known to mountains priests as a site for performing sacred rituals. Several pilgrims walk up to the summit of Haguro-san. This place is famous amongst the Japanese but anyone who is looking for some spiritual enlightenment, a new kind of hiking tour or simply willing to enjoy the sheer beauty of this place could come here and walk more than 2,400 steps to the summit. We also like to go to Tendo, the highlands where locals make shogi chess pieces.


The temple at Chuson-ji was built in the 12th century and had stayed put since then in all its simple glory. This place was designed by the Fujiwara family. However, their several wars against their counterparts, led to a destruction of this beautiful structure. Today, only two of the temple structures are standing valiantly in the sun. The Konjikido is the more spectacular of the two.

This mausoleum is fantastically rich and opulent and was designed in 1124 by Kiyohira for himself. This place is known as the Golden Hall because everything is covered in pure gold, except for the uppermost reaches of the roof. Experts suggest that Columbus was after this place and called it the country of Chipangu. Today, the Golden Hall is covered behind a fireproof concrete wall and a glass exterior.

The second structure, Kyozo, was built in 1108. During its golden days, it was used to store Buddhist sutras. You can also visit Hiraizumi, where you find a spectacular garden from the Heian period. The garden is located in Jodo-teien of the Mostu-ji temple which was found in 850 but is now destroyed. The garden survived the test of time and its mini islands, lawns and lake can still be experienced here. Iris flowers bloom in the paradise garden every June.


It was once the bustling fishing spot in the region but now has become a curious blend of modern and traditional Japan. From here, you can go to witness the spectacular coastlines of Hokkaido. There are several opportunities to boat and fish. Plus, there are many ski areas and campsites too. No matter what you like, there is something for you in Otaru.


This place is located in southwestern Hokkaido. The city is home to 1.7 million people and provides a great atmosphere with the most beautiful boulevards in all of Japan. Most tourists flock here in the beginning of February to witness the Snow Festival. Several artists create sculptures made of ice and amateurs, professionals and even corporates send their teams to create the sculptures here.

If you are planning an itinerary to Japan, don’t forget to add these places to your list. You will be surprised at the experiences that they can bring you way.

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