South American Gems That You Are Missing Out On

Posted on March 20th, 2017 by Dave in categoty The Americas

Our favorite destination in South America was Venezuela. This beautiful country had all the ingredients that you are looking for in a perfect trip- a vibrant culture, great natural beauty and a heritage that every Venezuelan is proud of. However, there are many more destinations that we love on this peaceful continent.

Here are some of our favorites.


There is something beautiful and attractive about Colombia that you would want to cherish. Bagota is a beautiful little capital and even Medellin and Cali, the former cartel hubs don’t disappoint you. The country has pacific and Caribbean coasts and three ranges of the Andes. If you like to bask in the glory of nature, Colombia is the place for you. For salsa lovers, the hot Cali is a perfect destination. Parque Lleras is a hip district in Medellin which also features some mesmerizing Botero sculptures.

If you like coffee, go straight to the ‘Coffee Triangle’. Located in Armenia, Pereira and Manizales, this triangle lets you taste the freshest, most exotic and delicious coffee you have ever had. Jardin brings you an equally good coffee tradition with lots of song and dance. The Colombian Chocolate Club in the capital is for those who can’t get the dark devil out of their minds. Don’t forget to go on a cruise at Cartagena de Indias and explore some pirate history in Providencia.


A former British colony, Guyana features natural beauty of the South Americas in the most spending way possible. The unspoilt jungles of this place will take you centuries back in time to the untouched, virgin beauty of nature. Its capital Georgetown is a nice place to stay before you move to the Iwokrama River Lodge or the Atta rainforest Lodge to enjoy a jungle retreat. The waterfalls in this country are simply amazing. Kaieteur Falls are located in the Kaieteur National Park, which is the talent single-drop fall in the world.


Not many travelers have stories about Suriname to tell their friends but we do. This place was under the influence of the Netherlands for long but it managed to remain the wild and bone chilling natural beauty till date. You will find several Dutch-colonial sites made of wood in the capital city of Paramaribo. Move out of here to enjoy a wide network of rivers and vast, endless jungles.

French Guiana

This place is completely wild and provides you a real jungle outage that you will never forget. The French Overseas Department handles this territory and their Foreign Legion trains in the woods of this region. The Guiana Space Centre adds a touch of human brilliance to the land of the wild. The capital city of Cayenne is a magical land and will look like a little Paris of the Southern Americas. However, when you move to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, you will find a darker side of history where penal colonies in Iles du Salut. Devil’s Island is the most famous of them all.

Do you like South America as much as we do? Let us know which destinations your favorites in the comments are below.

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