How to Make Your Travel Photography Pictures Stand Out

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by Dave in categoty Travel Photography

Going to an exotic destination for travel, clicking several pictures and coming back home only to see half of them looking bad is every traveler’s nightmare. After all, pictures are the best memorabilia that you can get from your travels. Here are some tips that will help you in getting the most outstaying travel photographs, regardless of where you are travelling to.

Wake up early, and stay awake late

Early to bed and early to rise doesn’t always work when you are traveling. You should be waking up early, probably earlier than the sunrise and stay up later, much after the sunset. This will help you in getting the most out of your travel pics. The stunning shots that you can capture at these times are much better than the afternoon, when the sunlight could be too bright for good pics.

Rule of thirds

One of the most important rules in photography is the rule of third. This is an image composition technique that you can master with ease. Imagine that every picture you are composing is divided into nine small cubes, three horizontally and three vertically. Now, just ensure that you leave compose the picture in such a way that the center of the picture doesn’t include your face. You could place the horizon in the lower portion too. You should place some headroom as well. This will help in making the picture look better.

Be patient

You could go on clicking around hundreds of selfies and other images or wait for the perfect images and compose them properly. Take a tripod along with you and ensure that you get the perfect frame every time. Of course, you won’t be able to stand for long holding the camera in your hand. So, a lightweight tripod is a must for you.

Choose the right hotel

What has a hotel got to do with the perfect picture? Well, everything. If your hotel is located at the right place, you will be able to get the right views too. For example, getting a hotel near a place where you could get awesome views of the auroras could help you in getting the best pictures too. Therefore, check out the options in advance, look for hotel reviews, check out their pics and see what kind of views you can get. It could make all the difference.

Search Instagram

You will be getting the best travel photography inspiration if you spend some time on Instagram. Check out the pictures of people who have already visited these places, find live videos and more. You could also find out spots that are most frequently visited by the tourists or check out the frames that most of the photographers have opted for. Use a similar frame in your pictures as well.

These small tweaks will help you in keeping your photographs spectacular. We also suggest you to use a DSLR camera instead of your phone for the best pictures. They look much better and with a little adjustment, even the blandest pics taken from a camera can turn into magic.

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