How to Start a Travel Blog That People Love

Posted on February 26th, 2018 by Dave in categoty Travel Blogging

Starting a travel blog is not an easy job. Though it looks like an easy thing to write about your travel experiences, it actually becomes very difficult. You have to ensure that you keep bringing new stuff to your readers. Not only this, you will have to ensure that the quality of your content is right.

We must tell you that you a travel blog needs dedication and hard work to create and manage. The posts in your blog must be simple yet informational. Whether you want to start a blog with deep and detailed articles or not is up to you.

Here is how to get started with a travelogue of your own.

Find a name

There are hundreds of travel blogs on the web and yours has to be very unique. If you are focusing on a specific niche of travel, you should go for a name that matches your niche. Failing this, it could become difficult to get found by your target audience. The name should also be simple and must not contain any fancy words. You can use your name + the travel niche to create a unique title for your website.

Decide the content format

Before starting anything else, decide the content format that you will choose. We have opted for smaller blog posts that provide condensed information to the users. Some travel blogs opt for long, detailed content styles. You should choose a format that matches your needs, audience type as well as the amount of time you can spend writing and managing the website.

Decide the branding

Depending on the blog name, decide a branding style for you. This will decide the colors you will be using on your website, the kind of fonts you will use and the overall tone of the content posted thereof. Make a logo for your website and make sure that it is posted everywhere, right from your social media accounts to all the blog pages. This branding will help you in differentiating your website from your competition.

Be open to change

A travel blog is not like a status update on a social media site. This is nothing you can do once and then forget. Instead, you should be keeping the long-term view in mind. The blog will develop, change and grow with the audience base. Your audience could demand a different type of content and you may have to adapt accordingly. Don’t be too rigid about the blog and apply the right analytics techniques to understand what your readers really want.

Be authentic

Never start a travel blog which doesn’t match with your personality. Don’t start a luxury blog if you are an outdoorsy person. Focus on what you do best, instead of which trends are commonplace in the industry. You will always find an audience who would want to read your genuine and authentic experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your travel blog today and let the world know about your travel experiences.

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