The Must Have Travel Gear for Every Traveler

Posted on April 14th, 2017 by Dave in categoty Travel Gear

While travelling around the world, we have realized that going around the world is not an easy affair. Even though it sounds very romantic, traveling without gear could soon turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. Learn more our experience and make sure that you add these awesome travel gear and supplies to your bag before leaving for your vacation.

A backpack

No traveler can survive without a backpack and you need it too. We would suggest you buy two of them. A large 38L capacity backpack could help you while transporting to and from different locations, especially when you are travelling for a longer time. Also carry a smaller 22L capacity backpack for traveling during the day. You can easily place all your belongings here, buy stuff and more while enjoying the place you travel to.


Sandals are a traveler’s best friends. They are very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. Whether you are climbing a small hill or moving around town, going to the beach or to shopping streets of the city- these sandals will also provide you comfort. The good news is that these sandals don’t hurt your feet and you can wear them in almost all weather, except the freezing cold ones.

Sleeping bag

If you are an adventure traveler, you should always carry a sleeping bag along. This will help you if you are going camping or when you are on a multi-day hiking trip. Sleeping bags can conveniently be folded and carried around and they make for very versatile accessories as well, especially when you are going to rougher regions.


If you’re an active person, it’s important not to let your healthy lifestyle slip just because you’re travelling. The Get Bra Advice team advise that you’re far more likely to continue with your exercise regime if you’re actually equipped to do so properly! Be sure to pack any clothing you might need to jump on the treadmill and get yourself a short term gym pass!

Hard drive

You wont always find an internet connection where you are travelling. Not all places have coffee shops with free WIFI. However, travelers click several pictures and make videos that need to be saved. Carrying a hard drive will be a good idea. Get yourself a sturdy variety with an equally good hard drive cover so that it remains secure. Now you can click as many pictures as you want and save all your memories with ease.

Travel adapter and power strip

Electric switches in different countries work differently. Therefore, it would be better to get a travel adapter to avoid any hassles. The last thing you would want is a phone that can’t be charged. Also ensure that you carry a power strip along with you. It could help you charge multiple devices at once. Hotel rooms all over the world are notorious for not having enough charging spots. Carrying a power strip, therefore, is a good idea.

Swiss knife

The old faithful swiss knife is the most versatile travel accessory that you need apart from toiletries. It can help you in multiple situations for cutting, piercing and even save your life. We never forget to carry quality swiss knives with us.

Depending on the kind of travel experience you want to have, the travel gear requirements will change. However, the list above will be applicable to almost all travelers.

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