Our Favorite Destinations in Mexico

Posted on January 3rd, 2018 by Dave in categoty The Americas

We have travelled extensively around the world but we didn’t find a place as full of life as Mexico. Be it the spicy cuisine or the colorful people, Mexico is one place where you could get lost with ease and like it too. The vibe of this country is amazing and we found the people very hospitable and welcoming too. If we could shift to a new country, we will definitely choose to live here.

We have been to a dozen places in the country and here we count down our absolute favorites.


This beautiful destination houses some exquisite pyramids. Once the biggest city in ancient Mexico, it was a part of one of the biggest pre-Hispanic empires here. It is a small offshoot of the Valle de Mexico and is famous for the Avenue of the Dead. Pyramids can be found in La Ciudadela where the supreme ruler of the city is believed to have lived. Don’t forget to check out the fantastic serpent carvings at Templo de Quetzalcóatl.

Our favorite, as of many other tourists, is the Pirámide del Sol is 70 meters high and has 248 steps. The Pirámide de la Luna, Jaguar Palace, Quetzal Butterfly and the Temple of the Plumed Conch Shell are other spaces in this compound that you would love to see. A mural is very famous here, which is both extravagant and awe-inspiring. It is located in the Paradise of Tláloc in the Palacio de Tepantitla.


We love this place because it carefully nestled from the east coast crowd and provides you luxury vacation experiences. Though the spot is becoming popular among luxury travelers, it is still not a hotspot, which makes it an even more enduring destination for visit. The little place is located right around some Mayan ruins, which are in perfect condition to date.

Apart from enjoying the wonderful experiences here, you will also love to see the bioreserves and several cenotes. These underground water-filled caverns are awe-inspiringly beautiful. The place remains quiet and quaint, even during the spring break.

Mexico City

This place is uniquely beautiful. It is the cultural capital of the country and lets you dab into the civilization, heritage and culture that Mexico boasts of. It is one of the largest cities in the world and introduces you to a multi-cultural experience that you won’t find even in the most cosmopolitan UK cities.

The Federal District in the area is full of gems in historic and cultural references. The city was founded in the year 1325 and was then called Tenochtitlan. The Spanish later called it Mexico. The 500-year old city has lots of pre-colonial and colonial history. You can get the best of Mexican arts, food and lifestyle here. The fiestas, restaurants and the various performance arts scene is thriving here. So, if you like to have fun without spending a fortune, this is the place for you.

These were our favorite destinations from the beautiful American country. Which ones do you like the most? Let us know in the comments and share your Mexican travel experiences with us.

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