Romania the Little Known Yet Spectacular Destination

Posted on December 14th, 2017 by Dave in categoty Europe

Though Romania isn’t the first country that pops up in your mind when you think about travelling to Europe, it is still a beautiful place to explore. The offbeat destination offers you natural beauty, some hearty meals and a cheaper than usual stay. If you don’t like to be surrounded by thousands of other tourists, this place is for you.

Here are some destinations in Romania that you could travel to.

Dracula’s castle

Although the building referred to as ‘Dracula’s Castle’ didn’t really belong to literature’s most famous vampire, it does have a spending medieval charm. Visit this place to enjoy a meal in Queen Marie’s Tea House or experience the count’s escape route through a glass elevator. Brasov, the city that houses this castle is one of the most amazing places in the country. It has preserved its medieval history and heritage like no other and offers you scores of activities, from visiting the castles to going hiking in the mountains nearby. The bars in this city are as good as the food they serve, which is filling, hearty and made with the freshest and most delicious ingredients.

We also visited the Black Church in the city. This beautiful church gets its name from a great fire of 1689 that caused the walls of the building to turn black because of the smoke. The exterior is slightly damaged but very beautifully so and the interiors are even better. This church has the honor of being the largest gothic church of the country and houses one of the largest organs in this region.

Painted Monasteries in Bucovina

There are few places in Europe as unique as the painted monasteries of Bucovina. The exterior walls house several frescos from the 15th and 16th century. There are frescos depicting biblical scenes, including the life of Jesus, the saints and prophets and several images of heaven, hell, angels and demons. They are one of the finest depictions of Byzantine art and bring to you outstanding biblical themes and harmonious colors and elegant compositions.

We were especially awestruck by the Ladder to Paradise housed in Sucevita Monastery. You will find several red-winged angels lined up in rows on a slanting ladder that symbolize the way to heaven. The Hymn to the Virgin and Tree of Jesse are equally beautiful. This place even has a museum where you will find several artistic and historical objects. Sucevita was an important manuscript workshop that later became a printing center. You will like the tomb covers of Simion Movila and Ieremia which are beautiful, elaborate portraits made with silver threads.

Our other favorite places are Bucharest which offers you the most unique blends of old communist buildings and new age architecture as well as the Fagaras Mountains. We love to trek here with fellow travelers and enjoy the breathtaking views that this place has to offer. Romania’s three highest peaks are located here, so you should be ready for multiple days of hiking.

We will be travelling to Bucharest again soon. Hope to explore much more in their cuisine this time.

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